Rise And Shine!

Goodmorning! The weekend is over and this week will be a whirlwind. I pulled an all-nighter finishing a midterm paper and I will admit I did not work out all weekend. Homework is just consuming me. However, here’s a little inspirational video to start the week off right. Days 193 & 194 may have been fitness no-shows, but if I can run this morning on zero sleep then I think all other excuses are invalid. I want this. Let’s do this.

*Click on the link to watch the 3 minute video on YouTube. So worth it. Rise and Shine everyone and don’t you dare hit that snooze button!

Slippery Slope

Days 189- 192 have been failure workout days. Tuesday and Wednesday I ate healthy foods (and portion sizes) with no snacking! But Thursday and today I was a little indulgent. Thursday I had pizza for dinner and today I had a chocolate bar. Wow, what happened to fitness me?! Breast cancer 5k is in the morning. I have to get it out of ny head tht “treating myself” is okay. It will be okay, once I get in shape, but to get there I need to limit intake and increase workouts! I haven’t gone for a real run in almost two weeks and I haven’t worked out at all since Sunday! I think that is the longest I have gone without working out in six months!
P.S. Confession: just remembered a pumpkin frappucino at Starbucks on Tuesday. My reward for day 1 of substitute teaching! I have to revamp my definition of “reward” so that it no longer means food. As lame as it sounds, I may give myself a virtual sticker chart to earn something… Like a new pair of weights or a pedometer. Maybe…

Monday Slump

Readers, by now this won’t surprise you: I was on the couch with my laptop to post and fell asleep, so, yes, the time stamp says Tuesday. It is 5:45am.
Sunday (Day 187) I was pretty good. I ran (literally) to the grocery store before church and picked up some cookie dough to make chocolate chip cookies for my Sunday School kids. The run was maybe 1/2 a mile, nothing really notable, but BOY is it different running outside versus on a treadmill! And, no, I didn’t eat a cookie…I did pick chocolate chips out of the dough, but that totally doesn’t count. ;)
For lunch we went to Smoothie King and I got one of their “Gladiator” protein smoothies. I picked strawberry protein powder with added strawberries an peaches. It was gross. Do not buy that one again.
Later that afternoon, we went to the gym on base. I wouldn’t say I worked out hard, but I went through some of the Jillian Michaels ad routine.
Yesterday (Monday, Day 188), I was good as far as eating, but I didn’t workout. I kind of intended to, but slept in a little extra instead. I had Smoothie King for dinner; their Strawberry “Recharge” smoothie is yummy. Not sure how nutritious it is though.

Speaking of nutrition, I started an 8 week nutrition class this weekend; hopefully it goes well. I am a little nervous because the teacher said a background in organic chemistry would be helpful (*gulp!*).

This morning I am awake at this ungodly hour, but I am having serious doubts about working out right now. I kinda want to wait until later in the morning, but I may be substitute teaching today, so that would disrupt any later workout plans.

I’m Back!

Oh I have missed blogging! Today I took the GRE (like the ACT/SAT was for undergraduate college, the GRE is for graduate school), and- let me tell you- that beastly test has sucked up every spare minute the last week or so. Now that it is over, let’s catch up!

Despite being crazy busy with studying for the GRE, I managed to keep a regular schedule of working out every other day. The idea was Jillian Michael’s “Killer Abs” DVD and then run on the “off” days. Confession: I never ran. However, I did complete the thirty minute ab/cardio workout every other day.

So here’s my most recent, crazy fitness idea: Appalachian Trail. I am watching a National Geographic documentary (I love documentaries, can you tell?) and the Appalachians are just beautiful. There are three main ways to hike the trail: (1) All 2,000+ miles, about a six month hike, all told. (2) “Section hikes”. The Appalachian is divided into four sections, each like 500 miles. (3) “Day hikes”, which is just like it sounds and you hike for the day.  Of course, you can hike for a few days or a few hours, whatever you’d like. I want to hike either in the New England section (what, I’m homesick), or in the Virginia section which has, wait for it, WILD PONIES. I want one (shush, I know I’m immature).

Anyway, so that is what I’ve been up to Days 177-186. I am going for a morning run tomorrow, 6:15! Breast Cancer 5k is next Saturday!!

Welcoming October and Thinking About Juicing

Days 175-6

I’m watching that documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, and I am pretty well convinced to start juicing. 100 Days of Real Food has an interesting post on why not to juice, but I think it could be a potentially nice way to detox. I am feeling very sluggish lately. Today (October 1st…ignore the time stamp, it is just after midnight) I did Jillian Michaels’ “30 Day Shred, level 2” and went for a walk/jog. I intended to run, but I mildly hurt my ankle during the Jillian workout and it was a little sore. Yes, I am paranoid about such things, but I do think I should be more careful than your average bear when it comes to my ankles.
I went to WinnDixie at 10:30pm and came home with a bag full of produce. Besides the grapes that were the reason I went to the store, I also get a papaya and a radish– no idea how to cook either- and some string beans and mushrooms. I have made the subtle shift from “healthy” foods to just moderately healthy stuff. Somehow processed foods have crept back into my diet. Well I say NO MORE! I will be healthy for me and I won’t punish my body by feeding it processed junk.

Tomorrow morning I am going to try to do the 30 Shred again, just skip the jumping jacks which made me hurt yesterday.