Making the Cut

Hello! Two weeks have passed with nothing noteworthy in the fitness sector. I have a weekly yoga class as well as a spin class, and I go to the gym on weekends. Mostly, it has been a two weeks of spring breaking and relaxation. Don’t worry though: I didn’t do any serious damage as far as the scale is concerned.
However, vacation is over and it is back to work! Today is Day Three of Jillian Michaels’ “Making the Cut” diet and exercise regimen. Today was a “rest day” from the gym and I needed it! I am so sore from the workouts of Day One and Two that I wobble when I walk. Yeah, it’s pathetic. I also almost fell down a flight of concrete steps today because my legs were so unsteady. It is actually kind of fabulous– the being sore, not the falling down the stairs.
Tomorrow is going to be killer though: 6:00 AM gym workout. I have yoga tomorrow evening, but I am determined to stick to this workout for the full thirty days.


March Messes

Riddle me this: why is it that the moment I get into a routine something- be it holidays, travel, or injuries- happens? It really is a frustrating cycle. I’m not whining— but perhaps I am justifying my own slacker mentality…? This week’s excuse: Mardi Gras. Yoga was canceled and Mardi Gras balls (complete with unhealthy food and sugary/girlie drinks) have sabotaged my fitness routine. Today the holiday known as “Fat Tuesday” is official over. Just in time too: spin class tonight! I haven’ worked out since Saturday and, yes, I am ashamed. We bought a scale yesterday and I discovered firsthand how body weight fluctuates: my weight this morning was 3 lbs less than it was last night. Now that I have a scale in my house, I think it will be easier to track my progress. This weekend I am going out of town, but I have a yoga class scheduled there and am bringing my running shoes!