Monday Slump

Readers, by now this won’t surprise you: I was on the couch with my laptop to post and fell asleep, so, yes, the time stamp says Tuesday. It is 5:45am.
Sunday (Day 187) I was pretty good. I ran (literally) to the grocery store before church and picked up some cookie dough to make chocolate chip cookies for my Sunday School kids. The run was maybe 1/2 a mile, nothing really notable, but BOY is it different running outside versus on a treadmill! And, no, I didn’t eat a cookie…I did pick chocolate chips out of the dough, but that totally doesn’t count. ;)
For lunch we went to Smoothie King and I got one of their “Gladiator” protein smoothies. I picked strawberry protein powder with added strawberries an peaches. It was gross. Do not buy that one again.
Later that afternoon, we went to the gym on base. I wouldn’t say I worked out hard, but I went through some of the Jillian Michaels ad routine.
Yesterday (Monday, Day 188), I was good as far as eating, but I didn’t workout. I kind of intended to, but slept in a little extra instead. I had Smoothie King for dinner; their Strawberry “Recharge” smoothie is yummy. Not sure how nutritious it is though.

Speaking of nutrition, I started an 8 week nutrition class this weekend; hopefully it goes well. I am a little nervous because the teacher said a background in organic chemistry would be helpful (*gulp!*).

This morning I am awake at this ungodly hour, but I am having serious doubts about working out right now. I kinda want to wait until later in the morning, but I may be substitute teaching today, so that would disrupt any later workout plans.


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