Italy Anyone?

Italy is not exactly synonymous with fitness. Between the pasta and the gelato, rock hard abs aren’t exactly guaranteed. So how, you might ask, is Italy showing up on a fitness blog? Because yours truly is going that’s why.  

My three year wedding anniversary is coming up next month and I’ve decided I want to spend it in Italy… And dare I say I want to look darned sexy. I bought a long maxi skirt and one of those Pinterest-worthy travel hats (you know the ones…look up twenty somethings in Italy and you’ll see the hat. Not the wide brimmed floppy one, the other one). Now I just need the body. 

I bought a digital kitchen scale. 

I started tracking my macros. 

I packed my gym bag. 

I said no to chocolate. 

I made myself sweat every day this week: 

Monday– Jillian Michaels kickboxing

Tuesday– ” power yoga

Wednesday– ” killer abs

Thursday– ” power yoga (20 minutes rather than the full 30)

Friday– walked 4 miles (visited Cambridge)

Saturday– gym workout for 25 minutes of cycling like mad

Sunday (today)- rest day. I went shopping. (That’s walking at least) 

So I’m excited. I had a smile on my face through all the huffing and puffing because I am a twenty something who is planning a realistic trip to Italy in a few weeks and I am loving working out … and I get to see this cute mug everyday: 

             Life is awesome.