No Clever Title Here; General Update

HELLO! I think this is officially the longest I have gone without posting. The reason is simple: I have regressed (again). My weight has miraculously not changed, but I have not be working out hardly at all. Last week I went to Colorado with my mother. Girls Trip! We hiked, explored, and did yoga. Saturday, May 24th, I hiked “The Incline” (see  for a cool fast-motion clip of the hike from a backpack’s view. Although, the video only shows the first mile. Then there are 3-4 more miles of switchbacks to get down the other side.) which was totally my cardio for the weekend.

School is out for the summer, so my only job is to finish packing (4 weeks until we move to Europe!) and to be a stay-at-home “mom” to a litter of two week old kittens. They are on a 3-4 hour bottle feeding schedule around the clock. It is tiring, but so far fun.

Working out should be easier this month since I will have more free time and- HOORAY- I am over mono!

Here’s hoping!!!!

Basically stair-stepping 2,000 feet UP
Basically stair-stepping 2,000 feet UP
View From the Top
View From the Top
Pike's Peak and the trail down (3-4 miles)
Pike’s Peak and the trail down (3-4 miles)

Kissed by the Sun, Missed by the Yoga Mat

While the country seems to be at the mercy of a moody rain cloud, I sit snuggled with a cup of tea, nursing a sunburn from last week’s adventure. I may not have blogged or, I’ll admit it, worked out, but I went to Disney World and it was awesome. Actually, I went first to Universal Studios, then to all four Disney Parks. I was in Orlando for 6 days. My back and shoulders inform me that I did not use enough sunscreen and my feet are still complaining about being overworked. I ran the first night, finishing up week one of C25k, but each successive day I was too tired from having spent the entire day death-marching through miles of Disney magic.

Last night I returned to yoga after a five week absence (mono, weather, and traveling has kept me away). I didn’t realize how stiff I had become! It was quite discouraging. At the same time, it was a nice reminder to get back into practice!

When I got home from work today, I immediately changed into running clothes. Halfway ready, I heard a weird noise like static and peeked out the window. Apparently the sky decided to open up in torrential rain to near flood conditions. Run postponed.

Tomorrow morning, I will either run or practice yoga (depending on the weather)… I should also clean my house, but that is much less fun than yoga.


Couch to 5k

I like to think I’m not quite just a “couch” level of fitness, but I’m easing myself into cardio once more…… Day One of the Couch-2-5K was yesterday. I LOVED it. I have never had so much fun on a run. At 4 o’clock, I was the only person in the gym and I rocked out to my iPod and followed the 1 minute run/1.5 minute walk pattern of the C25k treadmill plan. I was careful and took it slow, but I was still sweaty and happy when I finished. It was the quickest 30 minute workout I have ever done. I am actually looking forward to run #2.