May the 4th Be With You: Powering through the Month of May

I began my new job on May 4th, which I consider to be lucky- a sign that I will do well in this office. I’ve worked two full weeks now and I am quite enjoying myself. The only trouble is sitting at a desk again is making my back pain act up. I have an appointment next week with a “pain management specialist”. I am inclined to cancel and keep trying my stretches, but I havent decided.

I am also on week three of a Couch-2-5K plan. My border collie, Ranger, has been enjoying it even more than I have (tired collie = happy collie). My eating hasn’t been as healthy as it could have been (not necessarily bad, but I’ve gotten lunch out three days this week and dinner out once as well. Additionally, I haven’t been so great at logging my meals.

I am still feeling out this new schedule, but I think it should go something like this:
A.M.: C-2-5K wiht Ranger (two birds with one stone- there goes his walk)
Then alternate days at the gym after work with Jillian Michaels at home at 6:00 am. My sister has been consistently using the Jillian Michaels DVDs and has experienced some great results. I have the enthusiasm and the ability, it’s just the staying power that I lack. I need to stick with something long enough to experience those results!
In other news, I am going to an allergist soon to find out what is giving me debilitating stomach aches lately. We think I may be lactose intolerant but we need to be sure. I am fine with drinking a glass of skim milk, so who knows. Bodies are a funny thing.