In Which We Add Hiking/Camping to Our List of Interests

In the theme of staying active, we have purchased a tent, two sleeping bags, and two backpacks. Our first-ever hiking/camping trip is planned for next weekend! I grew up a suburban child where “camping” meant a climate-controlled Pop-Up camper, with electricity and a some-what private bathroom. I am not the most adDSC_0431venturous of twenty-somethings, but I am – as the British say – willing to give it a go!¬†Our tent is made for backpackers and weighs less than 2 lbs. This is great news for traveling with the tent, but bad news for traveling with the dog. Ranger’s claws would poke right through the thin material. There is the option of letting him sleep “outside” the tent but under the rain guard. This would likely be fine (really pup would be inches from my head, separated only by the mesh tent door), but I don’t know if we’ll take him this first go-’round. He may end up having his own holiday at the neighbor’s house.