I’m Back!

Oh I have missed blogging! Today I took the GRE (like the ACT/SAT was for undergraduate college, the GRE is for graduate school), and- let me tell you- that beastly test has sucked up every spare minute the last week or so. Now that it is over, let’s catch up!

Despite being crazy busy with studying for the GRE, I managed to keep a regular schedule of working out every other day. The idea was Jillian Michael’s “Killer Abs” DVD and then run on the “off” days. Confession: I never ran. However, I did complete the thirty minute ab/cardio workout every other day.

So here’s my most recent, crazy fitness idea: Appalachian Trail. I am watching a National Geographic documentary (I love documentaries, can you tell?) and the Appalachians are just beautiful. There are three main ways to hike the trail: (1) All 2,000+ miles, about a six month hike, all told. (2) “Section hikes”. The Appalachian is divided into four sections, each like 500 miles. (3) “Day hikes”, which is just like it sounds and you hike for the day.  Of course, you can hike for a few days or a few hours, whatever you’d like. I want to hike either in the New England section (what, I’m homesick), or in the Virginia section which has, wait for it, WILD PONIES. I want one (shush, I know I’m immature).

Anyway, so that is what I’ve been up to Days 177-186. I am going for a morning run tomorrow, 6:15! Breast Cancer 5k is next Saturday!!


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