Slippery Slope

Days 189- 192 have been failure workout days. Tuesday and Wednesday I ate healthy foods (and portion sizes) with no snacking! But Thursday and today I was a little indulgent. Thursday I had pizza for dinner and today I had a chocolate bar. Wow, what happened to fitness me?! Breast cancer 5k is in the morning. I have to get it out of ny head tht “treating myself” is okay. It will be okay, once I get in shape, but to get there I need to limit intake and increase workouts! I haven’t gone for a real run in almost two weeks and I haven’t worked out at all since Sunday! I think that is the longest I have gone without working out in six months!
P.S. Confession: just remembered a pumpkin frappucino at Starbucks on Tuesday. My reward for day 1 of substitute teaching! I have to revamp my definition of “reward” so that it no longer means food. As lame as it sounds, I may give myself a virtual sticker chart to earn something… Like a new pair of weights or a pedometer. Maybe…


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