Weathering the Weather

I finally feel well enough for yoga and then I can’t go because of flash floods. Terrific. I ended up babysitting for a family with three kids. Moms, I’ve got to hand it to you, taking care of children when one of them is under six months is a lot harder (and less sweet) than it looks. Kudos. The one moment of peace was snuggling with all three (ages 5 months to 1st grade) and reading Curious George books. I did learn something though. Here I have been thinking that the moment I had kids was the moment healthy eating unfortunately became a thing of the past, but last night I learned that doesn’t have to be so. I rolled organic turkey slices, cut cheddar cheese, washed grapes and strawberries, and doled out whole wheat crackers for a light, healthy dinner. Okay, admittedly the chocolate milk wasn’t healthy, but you’ve gotta give somewhere. ;)


Slower than a Turtle in Peanut Butter….

In one week I will be in the clear for regular workouts. The past three weeks have been abysmal on the fitness scale. I still have a cough, my husband now has mono and strep throat. Working out in these conditionals is not a good idea. For two weeks, I did nothing; no workouts whatsoever. My greatest exercise was walking to the mailbox. But now we are closer to the start line and I need to ease myself back into a routine. The first night (Saturday) I went for a 45 minute walk in my neighborhood. I wasn’t gasping for breath and the night air soothed my irritated throat. The next night (Sunday) I ventured onto the elliptical machine. I kept my heart rate moderately low, but I stayed on for 30 minutes. Monday I rested. Tonight is yoga (which I have missed the past three weeks), and I am terribly excited. I have a new 5mm (thicker than the normal 3mm) yoga mat that I’ve been eager to try.

Once again I find myself moving slower than a turtle in peanut butter, but if I’ve learned anything from the past year it is that I will improve- even if it is by teeny incriminates- as long as I keep moving, keep pushing myself, keep trying my best.


P.S. Snack I’m loving: low fat cottage cheese with 1 packet of Splenda, sprinkled with cinnamon. Delicious and about 12 grams of protein, plus calcium- win win!

Two Weeks Down, Two to Go

Dear Fitness Blog,

I miss you. I know we have been estranged lately, but I promise it is because of the mono and not because I don’t love you anymore. I am counting down the days until I am medically approved to work out again. I have been back at work only two days and, let me tell you, it has been a struggle. I am enthusiastically planning my workouts for the moment I am well enough.

Yours Truly,


P.S. I bought a new yoga mat from Gaiam! It is 5mm thick instead of the usual 3mm- so cushiony! I can’t wait to try it out. Yoga trip to CO in 4 weeks!


Two days ago was the one year anniversary of this blog! I am such a bad blog writer: I missed my own blog’s anniversary! To be fair, I was in and out of doctor’s appointments all day on the 8th.

Much has changed the past year, while other things have remaining aggravatingly the same. My weight, for example, has been very stable. At times I am trimmer with more muscle, but the number of the scale hardly deviates more than two or three pounds.

I have had many health related developments: being waiting on second round of blood tests), and abnormal glucose levels.
My workouts have been disrupted by traveling, sickness, and injuries.
I have tried various fasts, diets, meal plans, workouts, classes, and routines.
I have made promises and excuses in equal measure.
Despite all the failures, I have also…
Developed a passion for yoga that is leading me to house hunt based on the nearest yoga studio;
Become a noticeably more active person (and was described by the doctor as “slim and in shape”- yes!);
Explored all the various workout equipment so that the gym is no longer a foreign entity.


I have learned that being fit is not a number on the scale. It is about pushing yourself, learning new things, and discovering just how powerful your amazing human body is. I may not be a size 2; I may not weigh the same as I did in high school; I may never be comfortable in a bikini. But I am feminine, I am strong- and getting stronger! I am learning, growing, developing my yoga practice, making peace with myself.

I began this blog to publically shame myself into getting skinny, and maybe by that standard I have failed. Yet I do not regret a single post. I do not regret buying my first pair of good running shoes. I do not regret one minute of cycling, running, yoga, Pilates, tennis, or squats.

I am not skinny. Maybe I will never be. But I am happier with myself and my abilities than I was a year ago. And by that marker I will claim it: this blog was worth it. I am not finished, I will not quit.

Day 368 and I am still working, still going. Fitness is not a goal, it is a lifestyle, and it is MY lifestyle.


Doctor’s Orders

I just had the most depressing phone call. My doctor called with the results of my blood work: I am apparently a recovering mono patient. Who knew? The good news is I am in recovery. The bad news is NO WORKING OUT. You heard me: no high impact cardio or ab workouts for FOUR WEEKS. This is torture. I am on Day Seven of Jillian Michaels’ “Making the Cut” and have been doing so well! I haven’t missed a workout and have been diligent with my diet– and now this. Luckily, I am allowed to do the elliptical machine (no danger of falling and rupturing my spleen) so I hope to remain healthy via that little gem. Also, I am allowed to walk….hooray.

And so we dawn Day One of “Making it with Mono”. Step One: mint chocolate chip ice cream. Step Two: go for a walk. Hey people, you gotta start somewhere.

Rain Check

The plan was perfect: yesterday, we left my car at the gym so that this morning my husband and I would be forced to go pick it up. This gets us to the gym early in the morning and, if we are going anyway, why not work out? The plans were set, the car was left… we stayed up late going to the movies, woke up 45 minutes late, and heard rain pouring outside. So I did what I do best and justified the sleep, the rain, the lack of morning work out. We got ready for work in shamed silence. We drove to the gym, picked up my car, and left. No workout, just a promise to return. This afternoon I AM WORKING OUT. It is DAY TWO of Making the Cut and I am not about to quit now.

In other health news, I had a doctors appointment yesterday and they did some blood work to determine the cause of my excessive sleepiness. They are leaning towards my immune system continually fighting of a virus my husband has been afflicted with, but they want to rule out a thyroid disorder, mono, and iron deficiencies. My arm is bruised from the needle; I skipped yoga last night.

I am going to Disney in May and I am moving to Europe this summer (how freakin’ fantastic is that sentence?), so I need to build the flexibility of my hamstrings for the miles upon miles of walking I will be doing. Yesterday, I walked from the doctor’s to the grocery store- somewhere in the range of 1/2 mile each way- and my calves hurt so badly! I need to be careful to continue the stretches my physical therapist showed me.