Lifting, Riding, and Baking

First, let me acknowledge the nerd in me. I tried the “Cambridge” grammar (no oxford comma – the second one) in the title, but just couldn’t do it. I may be a Cambridge student, but old habits die hard.

Second, I used to write every day. When I started this blog in April 2013, I titled each post “Day 1/2/3..” etc. This was my social pressure to work out every day. Then I graduate college, moved to Europe, and got a full-time job. Now I post about once a month. It’s the coffee date with a friend that you don’t see too often but meet up with every few weeks to catch up on life. That’s me with most things. I am not a creature of habit. Period. I cannot stick to a daily routine; taking birth control was horrible because I had to remember every day, and I will admit brushing my teeth twice a day took years to master (having a partner and worrying about morning breath helped a lot). ;)

That said, I had a varied and productive week of fitness. I say fitness and not health because I ate way to many (gluten free) carbs and much too much coffee, due to lack of meal planning and general groceries in my house.  However, working out was pretty stellar. I started a 12-week lifting plan to teach me basics. My upper-body strength was pretty pitiful, but I had fun. I looked forward to my gym time each day – that never happens. I went to yoga on Thursday that had more of a Pilates feel. It was my rest day so I didn’t lift, but the class was fairly strenuous. My favorite activity of the week, though, was the horseback riding lesson. Yup. Horseback riding. Anyone who says that is not a workout has not tried a ‘rising trot’. I used to ride – ok, we’re all friends here, I had 6 weeks of riding lessons when I was 15 – but I haven’t in nearly ten years.

25 will be my year of why not. Why not lift? Why not be in kick a$$ shape? Why not learn to horse ride? There is no good reason not to.