Days 113 & 114

July 30th

Rest day. No workout- ate three small chocolate chip cookies. Early bedtime…

July 31st

Ran twice today: 1/2 mile this morning and another 1/2 mile this evening plus a 5 mile bike ride. Admittedly, I ate three more cookies. This is my craving-chocolate week, sorry. The cardio at least somewhat offset it.
I have to talk to my physical therapist tomorrow and make sure I am ok to run often if I continue to stretch and only go short distances. I should be up to a mile by this weekend. 5K here I come!


Day 112

July 29th

(Yes, I forgot to post this last night but it was because I was too exhausted from my workout!!)

I did not snack this day. This is huge. Normally, I pack a (healthy) 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. snack. Today’s was some low-fat yogurt for 3 and I did not eat breakfast before I went to work (also a new idea); instead I packed a banana and a Jillian Michaels Blueberry/Banana muffin (from her Master Your Metabolism cookbook) and had breakfast with a little coffee at ~9:30. This kept me full until lunch at 1. It was a typical Monday though, so I had no time for snacking throughout the day. My yogurt went home with me in triumph.

Gym Time: worked on the elliptical for 30 minutes, keeping a good heart rate and THEN ran 1/2 a mile. I know, half a mile is nothing, but, readers, I ran it without pausing, whining, or losing my breath. I CAN do this. Signing up for my first run this week. The run isn’t until October though so I will have time to build up my abilities. What is so great is that, after 1/2 a mile, I could still breath and my ankles didn’t hurt. I was careful to stretch and I didn’t want to go further than half a mile because I am supposed to “work up to it slowly” for my Achilles.

I am so excited about this! Friends, I enjoyed it– like, a lot! I came home sweaty and tired, but giddy. My husband took one look at me and said, “Looks like you got an actual workout!” When I told him how fun my little 5 minute run was at the end there, he smiled, “Yes, that’s it! Now the obsession starts.” He’s right: I’m going again tonight!

Day 111

Well, readers, I ran. It wasn’t far– gosh, it wasn’t far– but I ran. I set the treadmill to only 1/2 a mile and ran portions of it. I say “portions” because I ran in spurts. This is for two reasons: (1) I was worried about my form and trying to angle it to be easy on my ankles, and (2) I just need to re figure out this breathing thing. To make up for my sorry attempt at a baby run, I biked 5 miles. My pace was approximately 15 mph, or about a 4 minute mile. I am not a cyclist; I have no idea where that falls on the good/bad scale. I do know that my legs were hurting after that! I stretched really carefully to ensure I didn’t over strain my Achilles.

I need to work on my diet again. This is going to be a fasting week- same foods, smaller portions. I need to lose a few pounds I think.

Tomorrow: Yoga in the morning and kickboxing class in the evening. The yoga is optional- depending on how late I get to bed tonight and, by extension, how early I can get up in the morning.

Days 109 & 110

July 26th

What a beautiful morning for yoga. I still haven’t managed a run, but it seemed like a yoga day. I think I may be scared to run.

July 27th

Today I planned a long walk up a steep hill….and then it was 90+ degrees by 8 a.m. So I switched my plans to take an evening run when it cooled down…and then it rained and stormed the rest of the day. Like any rational person, I sat inside and did nothing except read a 400 page historical fiction. This was perhaps the laziest Saturday I have had in a long while. I regret nothing.

Day 108

Today is a leftover day:

–> Lunch = Leftover pasta from dinner. This stuff is good hot or cold and I am even more in love. I was drooling over the thought of it all day.

–> Cheat = the remaining half of yesterday’s Twix

–> Pain = the leftovers from last night’s Zumba. Oh and my abs are still sore from Tuesday’s routine.

Please excuse me while I get more pasta. Look away! **guiltily takes more pasta** It is my weakness.

Speaking of weaknesses, the physical therapist said I can run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said I have to start slow, but to work up to it and to be careful. You know what this means? Yes sirree, I am running tonight! I will start with only half a mile and be very careful to stretch before and after. **HAPPY DANCE!!**

Day 107

July 24

Zumba kicked my behind tonight! I was not “glistening” I was sweating and my face was red- I looked awful. Gone was the cute, bouncy girl working out; I looked like I had been through the wringer. But ohhh do I feel good having done it! It sorta made up for my cheat this afternoon: half a Twix. I was craving chocolate so badly… and I regret nothing!

I made this Veggie Pasta ( ) for dinner, but added some ground turkey for extra protein. So freakin delicious. I may have a love affair with pasta- whole grain, no worries. ;)

Day 106

July 23
Worked out twice today! Jillian Michaels “30 Day Shred” in the morning, then I went to the gym for nearly an hour and a half with a friend after dinner. We followed a workout plan from my fitness savvy husband, but didn’t do it quite as hard as he suggested. My friend is just starting back into fitness so we didn’t go as hard as I think we could have. However, I do enjoy working out with a friend instead of just by myself all the time.