The Good, the Bad, and the Hopeful

Well, readers, the last eight days have had their good and their bad. Here’s the breakdown:

                         ~THE GOOD~
I have been working out almost every day and enjoying it immensely. This week, for example, I went to a kickboxing class on Monday night; a yoga class on Tuesday evening; and an intense cycling class last night. Today was a rest day, though I don’t feel like I rested because I was on my feet all day and I am so sore from the last few days.

                         ~THE BAD ~
I’ve been so cheerful about myself that I have let my “diet” slip a little bit. My meals have been healthy, but my snacks could be better. Today, for example, I had a good snack of carrots and peanut butter, but then cheated with a couple half-dollar sized “Famous Amos” chocolate chip cookies.

                         ~THE HOPEFUL~
In the next few weeks, I hope to run more (I can go about 2 1/2 miles if I really try) and eat LESS SUGAR. I hurt all over right now, but- as my muscles get used to the strain- I imagine I will be able to handle the kickboxing/yoga/cycling/abs/run/run schedule with Sundays as a rest day. Think I can manage that?


Yay Though I Walk Through the Valley of The Shadow of Chocolate…

Valentine’s Day is over! Although I did allow myself to enjoy this season of tiny chocolates and sweet flowers, I managed to make it through without totally losing in- in fact, I’ve actually made progress this week! I learned how to do a headstand in yoga (so proud) and managed to keep up in my spin class tonight. Learning new poses in yoga is absolutely addictive and- here’s the thing- if my abs are stronger, I can do better poses. It’s a strange but satisfying motivation. I see almost daily progress, which is encouraging. My focus is not “meet this standard of beauty” but is rather a form of empowerment. I am enjoying my workouts because I am growing stronger and getting better at “my practice” of yoga. Life is beautiful.

Growing Pains

Friday night I went 3 miles. I ran (ran not jogged) the first 1.5 miles or so, then speed-walked (at a steep incline) for awhile before finishing at a quick run. The 5K is six days away. I’m getting ready, but I hit a roadblock (am I just cursed not to run??)…. My shins hurt. And my calves. I must not have stretched properly, but they ache…even a day and a half later. I will try to run this evening, but I am worried I did some damage. I think I will spend some time on the foam roller this afternoon.

In other health news, Mardi Gras is coming and you know what that means: KING CAKE. Had a (small) slice with some coffee this morning. Delicious. King Cake is not my favorite food in the world, but- like turkey at Thanksgiving, candy canes at Christmas, and chocolate at Valentine’s Day- it is a traditional sweet that I can alllllmost justify.

Valentine’s Day is this week. We’ll see how that fits in with my diet plans. I want to lose ten pounds over the next few months. I haven’t been that thin since early high school so I don’t even know if it will look good. I started a cycling class on Wednesday nights and I have yoga on Tuesdays, now I just need a running buddy and I will be good-to-go.

BEAUTIFUL weather today- may run outside if my legs aren’t hurting too badly later.