Cycling and Smoothies

This morning I completed my first ever cycling class. The bicycle seat needs a cushion, but other than that it was fabulous! The teacher was fun and the music inspirational, but the actual workout– despite kicking my tail and leaving me dripping sweat– was enjoyable! I will most definitely be doing that again. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home all gym nasty (given the choice, I prefer showering at home rather than in a locker room) I bet the other shoppers appreciated my smell. I bought my first container of whey protein (popular in most of the smoothie recipes I’ve seen) and went home for lunch. Here’s what I made:

Chocolate PB Bannana Smoothie

  The recipe is somewhat made up, somewhat what I remembered from a protein-less smoothie I made the other day. In any case, it was delicious. New Years Eve “Italian food” party tomorrow so I can’t feel too good about my heath, but today was great and it is not even over.


Vision, Goals, Resolutions. Happy New Year

What is it about New Years that inspires millions to write or speak resolutions for the upcoming 365 days? More importantly, what is it that makes millions forget their goals, abandon their vision, and prove themselves un-resolute after only a few weeks? One word: VISION. Mankind envisions a better future; a thinner body, a freer soul, a sweeter spirit, healed relationships- improvement. This is their vision. Resolutions; these are their goals. A smart man once told me that goals are steps to achieving your vision. For the millions composing New Year’s resolutions this week, the vision is for a better life- one way or another (although, since this is a fitness blog, it seems only appropriate to focus on health and wellness resolutions). New Years represents a new beginning, a chance to start over– an excuse to continue bad behavior for a few precious days “until New Years” when we will supposedly instate new rules to meet our goals. The trouble is rules & goals are hard. No one likes hard. I hate hard; I like the cozy corners of my comfort zone. Jillian Michaels says change only happens when we step out of our comfort zone. I made an off-handed comment about “when I get abs–” to my husband the other day. He turned and said, “You’ve been saying that for two years; either learn to be comfortable with your body or work to change it.” After over 150 days of owning a good pair of shoes, I should be a great runner, now able to run a 10k. I went for a run yesterday: 1 mile. Why? Because I was bored after one mile and I made excuses. I have a vision- what I need is goals and the stubbornness to stick to them. Cue public sphered blog. Hello, internet. Welcome to your new job as my parole officer. This blog will be my accountability partner.

Today is Day 164 of my fitness journey. Tomorrow is New Years Eve. My resolutions, also known as goals:

  • NO chocolate except dark and that even must be sparingly
  • WATCH carbs; acceptable carbohydrates are those that are also good sources of fiber
  • NO fast-food. Period.
  • NO soda
  • DRINK MORE WATER: goal is 60 ounces per day. This is the equivalent of five 12oz– almost 1/2 a gallon
  • RUN every day— even if it is only a mile (though it shouldn’t be less than two). Running will not count as a workout unless I run a 5k
  • Workout everyday: Jillian Michaels DVD or a class at the gym (today is cycling)
  • DO NOT eat when you are bored
  • DO measure your food (at least until I have a better understanding of portion sizes)
  • Measure YOURSELF every Saturday. Record weight, waist circumference, arm circumference, and thigh circumference
  • Keep a food diary. Record how I’m feelings, who I’m with, the food measurements, and the setting of each meal/snack I eat

That is all for now, but this list may be amended. Also, a year is a long time; let’s try 10 weeks. Why 10? Because in ten weeks is Spring Break (also it seems like a good number).

I don’t often have faith in myself. I don’t trust my own willpower. It is laziness, I’m sure, but I always seem to negotiate with myself- make excuses.


Stepping up to do the hard things– stepping out of my comfort zone– is the only way I will see change.
I have two and a half months to see results. My goal weight is 125lbs, with a toned tummy and the ability to easily run a 5k in good time. To achieve this, I need cardio to burn fat (daily running), and strength/core workouts (like Jillian Michaels DVDs) to tone and shape (and, bonus: running daily will train me for a 5k).

2 Timothy 1:7 (ESV) “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

Day 164 : cycling class at 11:00 (I’m scared. I’ve never taken a cycling class and this may be hard.) and two mile run this evening.

Today is Day 161 since I first bought my running shoes. Sadly, a month of three (3!) illnesses (stomach virus- ew) and holidays has bounced me right back to where I started. As of yesterday, I am still three pounds down from my start weight, but that is only due to my latest virus that last from Sunday through Christmas.
Speaking of, how was your holiday? My was a battlefield. On one side, we had the twenty three members of my husband’s immediate family and their kids; on the other was a nasty stomach virus that was taking them down one-by-one like lightning. Strangely, we all still had a good time because the virus manifested into quick, unexpected bouts of vomiting followed by a relatively short period of feeling bad. The kids all bounced back fairly quickly. The adults were a little slower to recover. My husband got it Christmas day and my mild germ phobia amused the in-laws. Personally, I was not so amused. Fortunately, it seems that the uncomfortable (but not debilitating) illness I had already was some strain of this one because I luckily escaped the vomiting. Narrowly.
Back home today and feeling much better. Bathrobe and hot tea, planning the day. New Years Resolutions are just around the corner; I am preparing my battle plan. Aimless wandering spattered with workout never achieved anything. Now, I AM GRADUATED!! (YAY!) so no homework or classes to distract me. I work with the school system (K-12) and am off between 2-4pm, so my afternoons are also fairly free.
For now, I am going to shower in my own bathroom (funny how that is the thing I most look forward to after traveling), de-holiday my house (I’ll be vacuuming tinsel for eons), and begin my season of fit with power yoga (Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown) and devotions (Heaven knows I’ll need His help!).

Next Run: 1 mile, this evening– a gentle reintroduction.

Turtle in Peanut Butter

Day 117

I’ve been running a little more lately. It has been crazy with work and school, but I’ve been—
        (not posting drafts apparently)

Day 123

I’m sick with a bad head cold, trying to rush and finish up the semester, leaving soon on a roadtrip to the grandparents, starting to Christmas shop– ah! So much going on! I’ll be back soon, I promise!

Day 139

Curious and curiouser…I could have sworn I posted this already. Evidentally not. So here’s what I’ve been up to fitness-wise (brace yourselves my lovelies, it’s brutal- and not in a good way)…

I Thanksgivinged in Florida and managed one (count it, one) run with my husband and mother. We ran the ~2 miles from my Aunt’s house to my grandmother’s. More of a fun, giggling, stop-to-poke-an-aligator (no, seriously, my husband did that) kind of run, but I didn’t eat Thanksgiving pie so I think it counted. ;)

Other than that, I have run a couple of other times, but I’ve just been so SO busy with work and school. I am a full-time substitute teacher now (which is nice getting home while it is still daylight), and I graduate (BA English, Spanish minor)  drum roll please NEXT FRIDAY!!!! Funny, the thing that has me most excited is that I will finally have time to workout like I want to. Oh, I know my excuses are pitiful and, well, they’re excuses, but I do feel like exercise has been a necessary sacrifice in the face of graduating GPA.

After Friday, my life will consist of teaching, reading for fun (an ironic novelty for an English major), and killin’ it at the gym. Healthy, fit, TONED body, hello! Here I come :)