Lifting, Riding, and Baking

First, let me acknowledge the nerd in me. I tried the “Cambridge” grammar (no oxford comma – the second one) in the title, but just couldn’t do it. I may be a Cambridge student, but old habits die hard.

Second, I used to write every day. When I started this blog in April 2013, I titled each post “Day 1/2/3..” etc. This was my social pressure to work out every day. Then I graduate college, moved to Europe, and got a full-time job. Now I post about once a month. It’s the coffee date with a friend that you don’t see too often but meet up with every few weeks to catch up on life. That’s me with most things. I am not a creature of habit. Period. I cannot stick to a daily routine; taking birth control was horrible because I had to remember every day, and I will admit brushing my teeth twice a day took years to master (having a partner and worrying about morning breath helped a lot). ;)

That said, I had a varied and productive week of fitness. I say fitness and not health because I ate way to many (gluten free) carbs and much too much coffee, due to lack of meal planning and general groceries in my house.  However, working out was pretty stellar. I started a 12-week lifting plan to teach me basics. My upper-body strength was pretty pitiful, but I had fun. I looked forward to my gym time each day – that never happens. I went to yoga on Thursday that had more of a Pilates feel. It was my rest day so I didn’t lift, but the class was fairly strenuous. My favorite activity of the week, though, was the horseback riding lesson. Yup. Horseback riding. Anyone who says that is not a workout has not tried a ‘rising trot’. I used to ride – ok, we’re all friends here, I had 6 weeks of riding lessons when I was 15 – but I haven’t in nearly ten years.

25 will be my year of why not. Why not lift? Why not be in kick a$$ shape? Why not learn to horse ride? There is no good reason not to.





And So The Fitness Came To Me

I’ve made a wonderful discovery: there is a yoga studio exactly (according to GoogleMaps) 1 mile from my front door. Can you imagine my excitement?! The studio offers a variety of yoga classes for walk in or unlimited classes with a monthly membership. They have a special for new customers: £30 (about $47) for 30 days of unlimited classes. Since it was £10 for a walk-in class, this is a great deal. I went to warm yoga last night and a beginners’ yoga tonight (establishing a strong form- it’s sometimes good to go back to basics). I have another warm yoga class scheduled for tomorrow so, there you go; already worth the money! My favorite part is I ride my purple cruiser bike (Shout-out to my thoughtful husband for being good at gift-giving!) so I get a two mile bike ride along with yoga. Well, now, isn’t that nice. Life is so sweet.

In other news, a friend of mine told me about these “pole fitness” and “aerial yoga” classes she does. I’m intrigued! Who said fitness has to be just clocking hours at the gym?!

Oh, and I’m doing a color run this autumn. Yes, this is a season of change!

My Mother, the Wonder Woman

My mother is amazing. She can make a delicious meal out of anything (including the scant groceries of my college pantry when she’d visit me); she can knit beautiful things (like the baby hats waiting patiently in my hope chest), and she is the best at making just a house feel like a home. She grew up in Cali, can ride horses bareback, and (literally) went from beauty pageant queen to U.S. Army private. She counsels hurt women, and is the most gracious hostess.

Most of all, my mom could kick your a$$.

The year she turned forty, she decided to get in shape. Without any training, guidance, or gym membership, she began working out in our living room. She started basic, with The Lotte Berk Method and Tae Bo, and gradually built up to Jillian Michaels and hardcore kettle bell workouts. She begin waking up at 4:30 every morning to work out to her DVDs. She didn’t let lack of a personal trainer or gym equipment stop her; instead she went to Target and bought hand weights. She used the back of the couch as a balance bar. She disciplined herself and GOT IT DONE.

A few years later she became a certified yoga instructor. Then she hiked the Grand Canyon in a day- ONE DAY!!!

My mom has had six kids, is now in her late forties (sorry, Mom, if I’m making you feel old- YOU’RE NOT), yet that woman is in better shape than anyone I know. You can freakin punch her in the abs. She can out-pushup my military friends (you should see their competitions with their feet propped on the coffee table).

So here I am, early twenties, not one but TWO full gyms at my disposal, and no kids to take care of. Not to mention I have a collie who LOVES to run.

What on earth is my excuse? That I don’t know my macros? That I haven’t found the right food diary app? That the gym is too far away or my sleep is too important?

Personally, I think those are lame excuses. I have Wonder Woman genes. All I need to get fit is my living room and the determination to get it done.

Thanks, Mom, you are an INSPIRATION!