Kissed by the Sun, Missed by the Yoga Mat

While the country seems to be at the mercy of a moody rain cloud, I sit snuggled with a cup of tea, nursing a sunburn from last week’s adventure. I may not have blogged or, I’ll admit it, worked out, but I went to Disney World and it was awesome. Actually, I went first to Universal Studios, then to all four Disney Parks. I was in Orlando for 6 days. My back and shoulders inform me that I did not use enough sunscreen and my feet are still complaining about being overworked. I ran the first night, finishing up week one of C25k, but each successive day I was too tired from having spent the entire day death-marching through miles of Disney magic.

Last night I returned to yoga after a five week absence (mono, weather, and traveling has kept me away). I didn’t realize how stiff I had become! It was quite discouraging. At the same time, it was a nice reminder to get back into practice!

When I got home from work today, I immediately changed into running clothes. Halfway ready, I heard a weird noise like static and peeked out the window. Apparently the sky decided to open up in torrential rain to near flood conditions. Run postponed.

Tomorrow morning, I will either run or practice yoga (depending on the weather)… I should also clean my house, but that is much less fun than yoga.



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