March Messes

Riddle me this: why is it that the moment I get into a routine something- be it holidays, travel, or injuries- happens? It really is a frustrating cycle. I’m not whining— but perhaps I am justifying my own slacker mentality…? This week’s excuse: Mardi Gras. Yoga was canceled and Mardi Gras balls (complete with unhealthy food and sugary/girlie drinks) have sabotaged my fitness routine. Today the holiday known as “Fat Tuesday” is official over. Just in time too: spin class tonight! I haven’ worked out since Saturday and, yes, I am ashamed. We bought a scale yesterday and I discovered firsthand how body weight fluctuates: my weight this morning was 3 lbs less than it was last night. Now that I have a scale in my house, I think it will be easier to track my progress. This weekend I am going out of town, but I have a yoga class scheduled there and am bringing my running shoes!



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