Happy Leap Day!

Today is February 29th, 2016! It’s late and I should go to bed (sleep plays a crucial role in your overall health you know), but I wanted to mark this day down. Happy Leap Day! I celebrated by going to the Grand Opening of the Starbucks on highstreet (Earl Grey tea latte with a Gluten-free hummus wrap).

I can’t be creative or clever tonight as I’m practically falling asleep at the keyboard, but I will say I’ve added 3 more countries to my “visited” list since I last posted, and I am learning more about health and fitness from a scientific standpoint. I am not where I need to be, and am suffering from a disappointing lack of exercises that I – with a torn back joint and Achilles tendonitios – can do. I’m going on vacation in 6 weeks and need to be bikini-ready. This should be a challenge.

Good news is I have an appointment with a nutritionist tomorrow morning so I should get a better idea of the extent of my gluten intolerance and what other foods I should or should not be eating.


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