Netflix Workout

I went to the gym for HIIT class this morning…yet I don’t hurt enough. Tonight I really wanted to watch some Netflix, but I also felt like making my abs ache like mad. Was it possible to do both? Well, yes, yes it was possible. My show of choice was Person of Interest so I listed some character names/words and a move for each one:

  • Finch = 25 bicycles crunches
  • Mr. Reece = 15 sit ups
  • Carter = 15 knee circles while in plank
  • Machine = 5 star crunches
  • Number = 10 squats with kettle bell (20lbs)
  • Fuscoe = 5 kettle bell (20lbs) swings

Needless to say, it was not the relaxing time I had anticipated, but it helped to not feel guilty about binge watching a few episodes. ;)


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