Too Blessed to be Stressed

Between trying to get fit, applying to graduate school, my husband traveling a lot, training an unruly dog, and balancing work/home/social life, I could easily feel overwhelmed or stressed. But I don’t. I have far too much going for me to be stressed out.

My view while laying in the garden
My view while laying in the garden
  1. I have a great job. The income is comfortable, my colleagues are sweethearts, and my bosses truly care about their employees (quote of the day when talking about the construction traffic during rush hour, “just let me know if you want to adjust your schedule to avoid the delay” How sweet!)
  2. Technology makes my darling husband not seem too far away when he travels and our conversations are more meaningful– and something I look forward to every day. Geez, I adore him. #3yearsofmarriage
  3. I am enjoying testing my body and learning what I can do. This morning, for example, I woke up at 4:57 and left the house at 5:30 to go to a High Intensity Interval Training class. My legs are killing me, almost 18 hours later. My first 5k is in two weeks and, though my ankles have yet to go a full 2.3 miles non-stop, I’ve gone over a mile now and can alternate walk/run the rest.
  4. Graduate school application for school #1 is submitted! Still have one to go, but a few weeks of break first!

    My Little Buddy
    Always Ready for a Country Walk
  5. The dog is annoying, but he is such a little buddy. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him. He is so incredibly smart; if he’s bad, it is my fault. I just need to work with him more. A girlfriend and I are taking our dogs for a long walk tomorrow morning before work. Exercise is key to a happy dog! (what does that tell you about exercise in people?)
  6. It’s the little things in life. For example, I was home by 4:30 this afternoon, put on some soothing acoustic music…and took a nap! For two hours! It was so nice! When I woke up, it was getting dark, so I brought my music out on a walk in the autumn dusk with the dog. When I got back to the house, I Skyped my newly-wed sister and made Pumpkin Streusel muffins. They are not healthy. Not by a long shot. BUT I have a pumpkin brunch tomorrow and am supposed to bake something yummy. And trust me, these are delicious. I used this girl’s recipe, in case you want a cheat meal too ;)

Life is glorious and beautiful. I am so happy to be alive and healthy. I may not be skinny, but I am getting strong and enjoying every second of my wonderful life. #grateful


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