I haven’t been blogging, but I’ve been sweating! Last week I worked out every day– sometimes twice a day! It was great. I also finally worked out my macros! This is super exciting for me. I’ve been a curious bystander to the whole “If It Fits Yours Macros” diet plan, but I’m fed up with traditional diets and want to actually live my life. Watching macros will be arduous, but once I know the numbers of some of my favorite foods, keeping track will be easy. And, oh my gosh, it is so much more fun than calorie counting alone.

Heads up, this will be a quiet season for me. I am training for the blacklight run (yeah, yeah, I know it’s only a 5k, but my calf muscles and ankles really do need to ease into that), and working on weight training, but I am also up to my ears in grad school applications. Exciting stuff.

So I went to the gym tonight- ON A SATURDAY NIGHT – actually left a get-together with friends to go to the gym, 30 minutes away. And guess what. They were closed. I’ll go for a 5k run/walk (running as much as possible) with the pup in the morning. and do strength training in the afternoon to make up for the missed run tonight.


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