Bribing Myself…

I hate to be stereotypical, but I freakin love shopping. Well, it’s about time that started working for me. I recently discovered I don’t have enough work out shirts (found this out last week with my frequent workouts – I couldn’t wash them fast enough!). I love the loose tank style, especially with clever screen-prints. So here’s the plan: for every week I workout every day (I mean, seriously, bust some rear-end), I get a t-shirt. This sounds extreme, but I don’t think even a new shirt can keep me 100% on target. There will be days I miss, and shirts I don’t get to buy. For last week, I just ordered my first shirt. :)

I am motivated by results. However, with bloating, womanly hormones, and fluctuating weight, seeing fitness results can be difficult– and I am not often strong-willed enough to stick with a schedule long enough for results. By “earning” a shirt each week, I am giving myself a tangible result – at least until I start seeing results on my own body (that will be motivation from that point!).

I will say, tonight my husband complimented my stomach and it was the memory of his compliment that kept me from totally binging at dinner. I ate some things I wouldn’t have normally (like German sausage and a small pretzel– come on, it’s Oktoberfest!), but I was sensible and didn’t overeat. Yay for motivation! ;)


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