Small Victories

It’s Thursday as I sit sipping my morning coffee, waiting for a measured cup of it to cool enough to make my favorite “Mocha-Nana” smoothie (a knock-off of my local juice bar’s product). The recipe is mostly made up and I’ve been trying for a few days to get it just right. Today I am blending for two people (no wait! I’m not preggo, this is literally two individuals), so I doubled the ingredients:

  • 2 Frozen Bananas
  • 1 cup of cooled coffee
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 1 cup of skim milk

The recipes I found online also called for almond butter but (a) I don’t have any and (b) I’ve been avoiding all nuts it since I found out about my mild peanut allergy (yes, yes, tree nuts versus legumes, I know). My cooling coffee has got to be ready by now so excuse me for a moment. But stay turned because I’ve got some news about my ankles/calves!

*     *     *

Three Days Later…

It is possible that I got distracted.

The smoothie turned out yummy (not quite as good as the one from the shop, but pretty close), in case you were wondering. I also bought some almond butter and so far it’s been okay. I haven’t tried it in a smoothie yet though.

MY NEWS: On Wednesday evening, I went to the gym and planned to “run” a mile and a half. And by “run” I mean jog the 60 seconds until my calves and ankles were screaming and stiff, stretch-stretch-stretch, run for another 60 seconds, repeat. I begin my jog at a slow pace (5 mph) and the most incredible thing happened. I ran an entire mile. No soreness, no stiffness; I just ran and breathed and made it a whole mile. I then walked 1/4 mile and sprinted the remaining 1/4 mile. Guys, it has been three YEARS since I was able to go that long without my tendonitis acting up. The funny thing was I didn’t stretch before this run.

I ran the day after the post and didn’t do so well. The only factor that was different was the incline: successful run was at a “1” incline; unsuccessful one was at a “0”.
I may or may not be avoiding the gym this week. I just hate being cooped inside- I feel like I’ve missed this whole summer in my windowless office. I will be working out though- powering through Jillian Michaels “6 Week 6 Pack” routine in my sunny living room with the windows open to the morning breeze. I may not earn my Mocha Nana smoothie at the gym this Monday/Wednesday/Friday, but you can bet I’ll be making my own at home!


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