Day 753: My Love/Hate Relationship with Fitness

It’s funny how time can utterly turn the tables on what one consider’s “stressful” vs a “retreat”. Once upon a time, this blog and the fitness requirements that went along with it hung over my head as I went about my day (especially in the early months when I posted daily), “Don’t forget to post on the blog; you have to go work-out; go the gym; remember to log your foods…” Two years later, I find the opposite has happened. On my run this morning, I was utterly at peace. I sighed with happiness as I put in my headphones because for the next thirty minutes I had a legitimate excuse to stop worrying about work, graduate school applications, travel plans (going stateside for my sister’s wedding!), and relationships. I could just be, just run, and that is exactly what I wanted to be doing. I didn’t even mind the rain; it was empowering to keep going despite the weather. Similarly, I sat down at my laptop as I ate my egg-white burrito dinner (235 calories and I even managed a slice of Colby Jack in there!), I had every intention of working…. but I found myself typing “turtleinpeanutbutter” into the URL bar and I felt my shoulders relax as the familiar screen popped up.

I guess I am on the “love” side of ‘My Love/Hate Relationship with Fitness’ now.


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