*Drum-roll Please* My New Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

Look what came in the mail! I am psyched. I have been wanted a “proper” blender for ages and I finally decided on a Ninja (thank you Christmas giftcard from the in-laws!) We weren’t quite ready for Vitamix level – though I am a huge fan – but the Ninja Pro series was a nice in-between. Last night I made banana pancakes (4 eggs + two bananas + 1/2 apple + 2 tbs whole wheat flour) and it was ridiculously easy. This morning I was running late for a doctors appointment (my derned back again- they referred me to a “pain management” doctor…oh joy), but I hadn’t had breakfast and am not one to skip meals. I emptied a bag of chopped, frozen fruit (oranges and peaches) and frozen fat-free yogurt cubes into the blender with 8 oz of ‘Healthy Balance Apple Juice’. Turned it on while I put on my sneakers, and 30 seconds later dumped the finished smoothie into a to-go cup (included- see photo). Breakfast on the go and it was delicious.

Perfect timing too: I have two weeks off before my new job starts and the weather is gorgeous in England (strange, huh?). I plan on spending my time learning summer-y recipes in my new blender… as well as preparing some CrockPot meals for once the 9-5 starts. More on that later.

Now I am debating making another smoothie, just for the fun of it, but I’d better not. Snacks add up, you ken (oh, I’ve been reading <3 Scottish novels <3 : you ken= you know). In any case, I think I’ll talk myself into a run today. It is 59* and sunny- shorts and a tshirt for this girl!


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