Return of the Wanderer

Hello my dears, I am back! Did you miss me? I am tan (or will be once the burn goes away), tired, and have added a few more stamps to my passport.

Going on this trip, I was determined to find a balance between eating right and trying new foods. I wasn’t as successful on that account as I could have been, but the damage wasn’t so bad. The first stop was Disneyland Paris. Of course, there are no healthy foods at Disney, or not many anyway. I did have DISNEYLAND PARISeggs for breakfast that Sunday, but my snacks weren’t as admirable….like this giant cotton candy my husband and I demolished in under five minutes. But come on, people, this is DISNEY.

The next stop on our journey was the main attraction: ITALY. We flew to Rome on Monday morning after a somewhat hellish taxi experience in which Parisian traffic and our French taxi driver seem to have conspired together to turn a 70 euro, 30 minute trip into a 100 euro, 75 minute trip. We skipped breakfast that day and shared a pack of peanut butter crackers on our way.


Our days in Rome were filled with walking, amazing history, paninis, white wine, water from running springs, photographs, and quite a bit of gelato. I packed some protein powder and a shaker bottle, but only had it one ROME 3morning; all the rest I slept too late for breakfast. The one morning, I walked down the street to a little fruit stall and got a banana and had that with a protein shake. The rest of the trip I just used the shaker bottle for water. ;)  I don’t feel too bad about it though; I think all the walking helped to even it out. My feet were sore and muscles aching at the end of each day, but it was worth it, I think: we hit all the highlights in between Monday afternoon and Thursday morning.


rome 3I will admit I wasn’t much looking forward to our third city – mostly I just wanted to sleep after Rome! But Thursday afternoon we flew to Barcelona, Spain. I don’t know what I thought Barcelona would be like, but it certainly exceeding any expectations I had!


First, the language. I’m not fluent, but I did study Spanish, and it was a relief to be able to communicate better than I had in Italy. There was, however, some difference between my intent when I said, “Sí, hablo español, pero solo barcelonaun poco.” and their translation of what “I only speak a little” meant. (*Note: Although Spanish is their official language, Catalan is the more common tongue. The best way to describe it is like a French-Spanish hybrid – hopefully that isn’t an offensive description to anyone.) We rented bikes and cycled along the beaches. Ahhh it was so nice. Admittedly, I was not ready for a bikini. But I will be. Soon! :)



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