Who Says Working Out is a Chore?

Crazy thought: what if working out was a gift? A privilege? An opportunity to be happy, healthy, not to mention look AMAZING? Would we work out more? Eat health more?

Lately I have been stressing over life and career choices. I am looking into graduate school and it is so overwhelming; how is someone supposed to choose a direction when there are so many? I complained to my husband that I am desperately looking for a step-by-step “To Do” list for life and, friends, there isn’t one! The result is I spend hours moodily hunched over my laptop, searching through degree programs and trying on career options.

I may not have a guide to my life and career but I do know that nothing makes failure feel better than ACOMPLISHING SOMETHING ELSE. My “something else” is fitness. I know the rules, I have my to-do list. It is time to act.

Fitness feels wonderful. The End. Why would I not give myself the gift of a healthy, fit body?


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