My Mother, the Wonder Woman

My mother is amazing. She can make a delicious meal out of anything (including the scant groceries of my college pantry when she’d visit me); she can knit beautiful things (like the baby hats waiting patiently in my hope chest), and she is the best at making just a house feel like a home. She grew up in Cali, can ride horses bareback, and (literally) went from beauty pageant queen to U.S. Army private. She counsels hurt women, and is the most gracious hostess.

Most of all, my mom could kick your a$$.

The year she turned forty, she decided to get in shape. Without any training, guidance, or gym membership, she began working out in our living room. She started basic, with The Lotte Berk Method and Tae Bo, and gradually built up to Jillian Michaels and hardcore kettle bell workouts. She begin waking up at 4:30 every morning to work out to her DVDs. She didn’t let lack of a personal trainer or gym equipment stop her; instead she went to Target and bought hand weights. She used the back of the couch as a balance bar. She disciplined herself and GOT IT DONE.

A few years later she became a certified yoga instructor. Then she hiked the Grand Canyon in a day- ONE DAY!!!

My mom has had six kids, is now in her late forties (sorry, Mom, if I’m making you feel old- YOU’RE NOT), yet that woman is in better shape than anyone I know. You can freakin punch her in the abs. She can out-pushup my military friends (you should see their competitions with their feet propped on the coffee table).

So here I am, early twenties, not one but TWO full gyms at my disposal, and no kids to take care of. Not to mention I have a collie who LOVES to run.

What on earth is my excuse? That I don’t know my macros? That I haven’t found the right food diary app? That the gym is too far away or my sleep is too important?

Personally, I think those are lame excuses. I have Wonder Woman genes. All I need to get fit is my living room and the determination to get it done.

Thanks, Mom, you are an INSPIRATION!


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