30 Day Challenge

I am an easily intimidated person. Big projects make me procrastinate. For example, here is what is on my plate lately:

  1. Decorating my house: I’ve never had a house before, only college-type apartments. This is a biggie.
  2. Getting in shape: I can’t seem to make myself go allll the way to the gym, or get out in the cold, English autumn and run
  3. Eating/Cooking healthy meals: It is so much work to plan out meals and cook. Everyone says it is worth it in the end but I am having a hard time seeing that end!
  4. Keeping a scheduled devotion time: I am almost four months behind on the Berean Challenge (read your Bible in a year) and I can’t seem to get in the swing of regular devotions.

Knowing myself, I have decided to make this easy- bite sized, you may say.

  • This morning I had a banana and a stick of reduced fat, sharp cheddar cheese for breakfast. Normally, I would tell myself that wasn’t enough and eat until I was full, but I wasn’t all that hungry so I- wait for it- listened to my body and didn’t over eat. I will admit, I made some tasty tasty pumpkin spice scones last night (to celebrate the first day of autumn) and I had a bite of one this morning. SO DELICIOUS, but bad for the body, so I only had a bite.
  • I grabbed a devotional book by Christa Kinde and spent 40 minutes in Bible study. It was surprisingly delightful. The book is called Experiencing Spiritual Intimacy and it’s been gathering dust on my shelf for years because I thought it “too basic”. Well, guess what, it is pretty basic…and I don’t totally agree with every sentence, but it gets me in the Word and that is what is important here. It was the first meaningful devotional time I’ve had in weeks.
  • I rearranged (partly) my living room and scoured Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate my 1920’s, small (but many) roomed rental house. I think we are going to go with a minimalist, rustic look.
  • I completed DAY ONE of a 30 day challenge. It was on my to-do list “for later”, but those usually mean “for never” so I did it just a moment ago, dressed in jeans. I knew if it meant getting work out clothes on I would find a way to postpone it. Day 1 of 30, check. Which brings me to the title of this post….

For the next month (now to the end of October) I am going to do tiny things each day to better myself, my life, and my home. It is only noon right now and I already feel good about today. I still have a list of things to-do, but I know now that I can stop procrastinating and just do them!


~~Happy Hump Day, m’dears!~~


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