Where Do My Priorities Lie?

Are you still reading? Because I’m still here…

…maybe not eating healthy, maybe not logging my meals, maybe not posting, and maybe not working out, but I am still here…somewhere.

I started a busy new job and am still trying to work out my new schedule. Tomorrow, despite being a Monday and slated to be a busy day, will be my first attempt at getting back into a healthy lifestyle. I am scheduled to stretch, jog, stretch, work abs (at home), and shower, all before 7:00 AM.

This week’s goal:

  1. Figure out my macros so I can begin eating to match them rather than a calorie goal (or worse- just whatever I want). I refuse to let myself become a bum.
  2. Slowly start running and renew my yoga practice (even if it is at home). My tendonitis has been really acting up lately and my yoga class (and indeed the gym) is 30 minutes away now that we moved into the new house.

Simply put, I’ve been lazy

But I deserve more than this. My husband deserves more than this. I want to freakin LOVE my body. If not now, when will I get in shape? No one said it would be easy. The whole purpose of this blog is to motivate me into a healthy lifestyle. But a inanimate website won’t motivate me; I have to push myself. I promise I will try to post more too. ;)

On a nicer note, the weather is very Autumnal lately (my new British word and I love it). The weather is crisp and leaves slide across the pathways in the chilly breeze. I am loving it. ….oh and Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING! But not, because it is all sugar and fat. Let’s find the healthy alternatives.

Need to find a recipe for healthy (American) biscuits. I am a great lover of bread with my English breakfast tea (P.S. James Herriot. Awesome books)

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