Logging, Blogging, and Make-up Free

Today is:

  • Day 470 of this blog,
  • Day 14 of logging all my food on MyFitnessPal
  • Day 3 of weight-lifting– whaaaat?? 

AND Day 3 of NO MAKEUP. Don’t ask me why I am not wearing makeup; it just sort of happened. Saturday was Day 1 of working out with my husband (not just ‘accompanying him to the gym and doing our own thing’ but following his routine [with about 1/3 of the weight] for arms and back workouts) and I just didn’t feel like wearing makeup to the gym. After I worked out and showered, I thought “Eh, why not” and didn’t put on my face. Then Sunday rolled around….no makeup. Now it is Monday and, despite running errands and seeing people, I didn’t put makeup on. I just didn’t want to. Is this crazy? Am crazy for thinking it’s crazy?? In any case, it feels fantastic and my face feels so fresh! What’s more, my hair is totally natural. Am I just getting lazy? Maybe, but my 14 day streak of healthy-food-lovin and my weekend of weightlifting beg to differ.

Maybe I just decided the human body is beautiful on its own and I don’t need to waste time painting on chemicals. ;)


YOGA TONIGHT!!! #addicted


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