Excuses from an Expat

My last workout was 8 days ago (though I have been walking several kilometers a day) and it was a great one. I was in Dallas for the weekend before my flight and attended a “Yoga in the Park” class. It was slightly raining, so we spread our mats under the shelter of the pavilion and, in the lovely morning breeze, began our practice. It was arguably my favorite yoga class yet. What a great farewell to American yoga.

Soooo….I moved! I am now in England. Yup, craziness, I am in the United Kingdom. I found a yoga class that meets twice a week (M/W) so I am looking forward to that. I will certainly be walking more than I am used to. We bought a UK spec car (steering on the opposite side etc)- a little blue BMW convertible that I am IN LOVE with- and I am learning to drive on the left side of the road, but the villages are intended to be walked. Who am I to argue?

Fourth of July here was not very eventful. I heard there was an American celebration near the US military bases that are open to the public, but we were still exploring and opted to stay at our hotel. I did wear red, white, and blue, with r/w/b star earrings, AND a British cashier wished me a Happy Independence Day, so I was satisfied. Day 5 in the UK and I am already a little homesick. Still quite excited to be here though.

More to come.


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