Summer Lovin

In the midst of my moving to the United Kingdom, working out has become less of a priority…so much so that I am slightly ashamed to say I hardly have worked out the past month. Do you know what today’s “workout” was? I went to the pool, read a novel in the sun, and swam laps. I never used to wear bikinis to the pool because I hated my body. Let me be clear, I have always been in fair shape, perfectly normal, “thin”, an average-sized girl who occasionally has a slight muffin top depending on the time of month but is generally thought of as thin. Today was different. I wanted a tan and, you know what, I like my body these days. No, I don’t have abs. Yes, I would love to lose 5-8lbs, BUT I am so happy. I am young, not bad looking, and happily spending sunny days visiting with family and hanging out by the pool. What could be better, friends? Oh, and did I mention I am fostering a litter of 4 week old kittens that are currently all piled in a sleepy heap on my lap?

Yes, life is good.

And don’t worry, fitness pals, I will get back into a routine when all this international switcheroo is over; in fact, I have already found a yoga class that meets two nights a week. ;) Just two more weeks Stateside, then it is off across the Pond for a new life and new workout routine in a new country.

For now, I will bask in the glory of youth, loved ones, and sunshine. Such is the summer lovin’ of this American girl.

Happy Monday!


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