Weathering the Weather

I finally feel well enough for yoga and then I can’t go because of flash floods. Terrific. I ended up babysitting for a family with three kids. Moms, I’ve got to hand it to you, taking care of children when one of them is under six months is a lot harder (and less sweet) than it looks. Kudos. The one moment of peace was snuggling with all three (ages 5 months to 1st grade) and reading Curious George books. I did learn something though. Here I have been thinking that the moment I had kids was the moment healthy eating unfortunately became a thing of the past, but last night I learned that doesn’t have to be so. I rolled organic turkey slices, cut cheddar cheese, washed grapes and strawberries, and doled out whole wheat crackers for a light, healthy dinner. Okay, admittedly the chocolate milk wasn’t healthy, but you’ve gotta give somewhere. ;)


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