Two days ago was the one year anniversary of this blog! I am such a bad blog writer: I missed my own blog’s anniversary! To be fair, I was in and out of doctor’s appointments all day on the 8th.

Much has changed the past year, while other things have remaining aggravatingly the same. My weight, for example, has been very stable. At times I am trimmer with more muscle, but the number of the scale hardly deviates more than two or three pounds.

I have had many health related developments: being waiting on second round of blood tests), and abnormal glucose levels.
My workouts have been disrupted by traveling, sickness, and injuries.
I have tried various fasts, diets, meal plans, workouts, classes, and routines.
I have made promises and excuses in equal measure.
Despite all the failures, I have also…
Developed a passion for yoga that is leading me to house hunt based on the nearest yoga studio;
Become a noticeably more active person (and was described by the doctor as “slim and in shape”- yes!);
Explored all the various workout equipment so that the gym is no longer a foreign entity.


I have learned that being fit is not a number on the scale. It is about pushing yourself, learning new things, and discovering just how powerful your amazing human body is. I may not be a size 2; I may not weigh the same as I did in high school; I may never be comfortable in a bikini. But I am feminine, I am strong- and getting stronger! I am learning, growing, developing my yoga practice, making peace with myself.

I began this blog to publically shame myself into getting skinny, and maybe by that standard I have failed. Yet I do not regret a single post. I do not regret buying my first pair of good running shoes. I do not regret one minute of cycling, running, yoga, Pilates, tennis, or squats.

I am not skinny. Maybe I will never be. But I am happier with myself and my abilities than I was a year ago. And by that marker I will claim it: this blog was worth it. I am not finished, I will not quit.

Day 368 and I am still working, still going. Fitness is not a goal, it is a lifestyle, and it is MY lifestyle.



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