Rain Check

The plan was perfect: yesterday, we left my car at the gym so that this morning my husband and I would be forced to go pick it up. This gets us to the gym early in the morning and, if we are going anyway, why not work out? The plans were set, the car was left… we stayed up late going to the movies, woke up 45 minutes late, and heard rain pouring outside. So I did what I do best and justified the sleep, the rain, the lack of morning work out. We got ready for work in shamed silence. We drove to the gym, picked up my car, and left. No workout, just a promise to return. This afternoon I AM WORKING OUT. It is DAY TWO of Making the Cut and I am not about to quit now.

In other health news, I had a doctors appointment yesterday and they did some blood work to determine the cause of my excessive sleepiness. They are leaning towards my immune system continually fighting of a virus my husband has been afflicted with, but they want to rule out a thyroid disorder, mono, and iron deficiencies. My arm is bruised from the needle; I skipped yoga last night.

I am going to Disney in May and I am moving to Europe this summer (how freakin’ fantastic is that sentence?), so I need to build the flexibility of my hamstrings for the miles upon miles of walking I will be doing. Yesterday, I walked from the doctor’s to the grocery store- somewhere in the range of 1/2 mile each way- and my calves hurt so badly! I need to be careful to continue the stretches my physical therapist showed me.



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