In golf, a mulligan is a “do-over”; in the Making the Cut diet & exercise plan a mulligan is I got sick and off track so I restarted. Today is the new DAY ONE. No April Fools here, this is serious business. I compiled all my records (diet log, exercise log, calendar, goals, inspirational photos) into one tri-fold file folder. I am a sucker for office supplies.
This morning I got up late (6:45) but went to the gym anyway. I ate the breakfast from the meal plan, except I substituted one of my two scrambled eggs for half a low sugar Chewy bar (which was about 20 calories less than the egg would have been).

April is to be my month of change. By May 1st, I am going to be in awesome shape.Capture~


In other news, this blog’s one year anniversary is coming up!



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