January Slump and Battleplan

Due to bad weather, my yoga class was cancelled and the gym is closed. Great. I tried running at home but only made it half a mile. I need to find a cardio class I can get involved in. I am also kinda interested in starting with weights.

I realized something this week that I knew before but never fully acknowledged: fitness is not a fix; it is not temporary; it is a lifestyle and it is forever. Even if I meet my goal weight and look fantastic, I will have to keep working to maintain it. This is why I can’t just push myself alone at the gym. I need classes.

Tuesday night yoga classes are great, but that yoga is more for flexibility and wellness rather than working out. I found out my gym offers free fitness classes, so here is what I am going to try next week…

First, in the mornings I will practice yoga and run through my personal ab routine at home. Then workout in the evenings by this schedule:

Monday: Zumba class
Tuesday: Yoga class
Wednesday: Cycling class
Thursday: Zumba
Friday: 5K run
Saturday: Jillian Michaels DVD
Sunday: Random/free day

This should keep me motivated and active. It gives me cardio at least 4 days a week, abs at least 5 days a week, and will improve my running by increasing my stamina and having me run a weekly 5k.

I’m excited to start!


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