Unforeseen Development

Today I am off the Daniel Fast. I ate normal foods. And I discovered something.

I don’t like chocolate. Or coffee. Or meat. Or bread. Or milk.
I have no taste for them anymore.

Hot tea is still my love– it will take more than ten days to break me of those, but I seem to have lost my desire for all of the aforementioned. Interesting.
I had Daniel-Fast friendly lunch…and snack. My breakfast was a slice of whole wheat toast, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I would. My dinner was cheese and crackers. I did have an early dinnerish chicken egg roll–>that was delicious. Otherwise, I am quite surprised at my apparent change in tastes, pleasantly surprised.
I ate a candy bar today, but I didn’t even like it. I only finished it because I was hungry at work (bad reason to eat junk food).

My body has been unjunked. Starbucks isn’t even tempting. Since when?! Now, apparently.


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