Conclusion of my Daniel Fast

It’s the last night of my first Daniel Fast. Ten days on a totally vegan, no sweeteners, no yeast diet (basically a grain/vegetable/fruit plan), with the goal of detoxing my body and refocusing my spirit. The fast (or partial fast, as it were) is based off the Biblical prophet in the Old Testament book of Daniel.

The first few days were full of cravings, but “ten days to break a habit” proved true and I have very few cravings now. I missed hot tea– a lot– but I no longer crave meat or bread and I am okay with no dairy. Chocolate I miss a little bit, not nearly as bad as those first days though. I’m not saying I am adopting a vegan lifestyle, but I have learned how to eat simpler. Vegetables and legumes will certainly have a more prominent place in my regular diet… and I am looking forward to a glass of milk with my breakfast tomorrow.


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