Pre-Purge Bingeing

I made up my mind to take a Daniel Fast, but only for 10 days. In the book of Daniel, the prophet’s first fast is for ten days, so shall mine be. If all goes well, I will take a full 21 day fast at the beginning of Lent. My ten day fast starts Monday. As I eat my way through the pantry and fridge, I am especially drawn to the comfort foods (ie delicious, processed, and relatively unhealthy) of my childhood. My mum was a “little of this and a dash of that” kind of cook. It was always super tasty though. I’ve turned into her this week (complete with daily yoga) and my husband is loving all the hearty food. I’ve warned him that this is the beginning of the end: starting Monday, meals will be solidly vegan. Since he is not partaking in the fast, there will be plenty of easy “cheat” foods like Lean Pockets, so he won’t starve.

Tonight I WILL run. Even though my belly is full of chicken casserole. I swear I gained 5 pounds this week (I’m actually nervous to see the scale at my routine doctor’s appointment tomorrow).


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