More Thoughts on the Daniel Fast

I can’t stop thinking about it. All day long it has been lingering at the front of my brain;

Should I do the Daniel Fast? It’s only 21 days. Everyone needs a good detox, especially me. The Daniel Fast book cover

It will be good for you…

and then the doubt sets in:

What if it is horrible after the first day– and then you still have 20 days to go!

What if you go out to dinner, or you take a trip and can’t have any of the delicious food?

“Vegan, but with more restrictions”– does that sound like fun?

And then the other side pipes back up: It’s not supposed to be fun, it is supposed to be hard, a struggle, a sacrifice. It wouldn’t be a fast if it were easy.

I am telling myself I will start Monday, January 13th. Part of me is bouncing up and down going, “START TODAY! START TODAY!” like a 4 year-old, while the other half of me hurries to warn, “Well, you haven’t quite thought this through. Weigh the pros and cons”

So I Google “Daniel Fast Pros and Cons.”

The internet seems to think it’s a good idea. Should that make me feel better or worse?


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