Chilly Morning Yoga & The Daniel Plan

Good morning, my lovelies. It is 7:30 on this cold, bright, Wednesday morning and I have already completed a 1/2 hour long power yoga class and eaten my pseudo-healthy breakfast of cinnamon Cheerios. I could have done better, but let me explain: I grocery shop once a week, usually on Saturdays. Because it is just my husband and I, the bill is about $60-70. Families with kids are terribly jealous, I know– I come from a large family and I remember those days of hundreds of dollars spent at the grocery store each week (COSTCO, my dears, Costco). However, over the holidays I barely did any shopping. We were out of town a lot, so it didn’t make that big of a difference. Yet when the holidays settled down I realized I hadn’t seriously shopped (maybe a quite run for milk etc) in approximately three weeks and we were still eating fine. Therefore, I made a drastic decision; I am going to use up all of the food in my fridge and pantry before I do another heavy shopping trip. AND when I do make that trip, it will mark the beginning of my “Daniel Fast”– at least I think it will.

I am considering taking part in a 21 days partial fast. The Daniel Fast is based on the scriptural fast of the prophet Daniel (in the Old Testament book of Daniel). It has developed into a lifestyle plan that some people adopt for the long-term. I just purchased the book “The Daniel Cure” on my Kindle and am only three chapters in, but it is intriguing. I have heard of the diet before, but never really considered it. I love the idea of a spiritual and physical detox, for just 21 days. Of course, I am thoroughly researching it before I just jump in, but (if no red flags arise) I am going to start fresh with a kitchen stocked with “Daniel fast” appropriate foods.

P.S. My husband has loved this week because my cooking has been- in his words- “hearty”. I’ve been using up American staples like tuna fish, noodles, potatoes, and frozen chicken breasts. Sunday night I made Shepherds’ Pie from scratch, Monday was Tuna Casserole, and last night was red beans and rice with turkey sausage. Just for funsies, here is the recipe for the shepherds’ pie… Image


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