Cycling and Smoothies

This morning I completed my first ever cycling class. The bicycle seat needs a cushion, but other than that it was fabulous! The teacher was fun and the music inspirational, but the actual workout– despite kicking my tail and leaving me dripping sweat– was enjoyable! I will most definitely be doing that again. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home all gym nasty (given the choice, I prefer showering at home rather than in a locker room) I bet the other shoppers appreciated my smell. I bought my first container of whey protein (popular in most of the smoothie recipes I’ve seen) and went home for lunch. Here’s what I made:

Chocolate PB Bannana Smoothie

  The recipe is somewhat made up, somewhat what I remembered from a protein-less smoothie I made the other day. In any case, it was delicious. New Years Eve “Italian food” party tomorrow so I can’t feel too good about my heath, but today was great and it is not even over.


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