Today is Day 161 since I first bought my running shoes. Sadly, a month of three (3!) illnesses (stomach virus- ew) and holidays has bounced me right back to where I started. As of yesterday, I am still three pounds down from my start weight, but that is only due to my latest virus that last from Sunday through Christmas.
Speaking of, how was your holiday? My was a battlefield. On one side, we had the twenty three members of my husband’s immediate family and their kids; on the other was a nasty stomach virus that was taking them down one-by-one like lightning. Strangely, we all still had a good time because the virus manifested into quick, unexpected bouts of vomiting followed by a relatively short period of feeling bad. The kids all bounced back fairly quickly. The adults were a little slower to recover. My husband got it Christmas day and my mild germ phobia amused the in-laws. Personally, I was not so amused. Fortunately, it seems that the uncomfortable (but not debilitating) illness I had already was some strain of this one because I luckily escaped the vomiting. Narrowly.
Back home today and feeling much better. Bathrobe and hot tea, planning the day. New Years Resolutions are just around the corner; I am preparing my battle plan. Aimless wandering spattered with workout never achieved anything. Now, I AM GRADUATED!! (YAY!) so no homework or classes to distract me. I work with the school system (K-12) and am off between 2-4pm, so my afternoons are also fairly free.
For now, I am going to shower in my own bathroom (funny how that is the thing I most look forward to after traveling), de-holiday my house (I’ll be vacuuming tinsel for eons), and begin my season of fit with power yoga (Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown) and devotions (Heaven knows I’ll need His help!).

Next Run: 1 mile, this evening– a gentle reintroduction.


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