Turtle in Peanut Butter

Day 117

I’ve been running a little more lately. It has been crazy with work and school, but I’ve been—
        (not posting drafts apparently)

Day 123

I’m sick with a bad head cold, trying to rush and finish up the semester, leaving soon on a roadtrip to the grandparents, starting to Christmas shop– ah! So much going on! I’ll be back soon, I promise!

Day 139

Curious and curiouser…I could have sworn I posted this already. Evidentally not. So here’s what I’ve been up to fitness-wise (brace yourselves my lovelies, it’s brutal- and not in a good way)…

I Thanksgivinged in Florida and managed one (count it, one) run with my husband and mother. We ran the ~2 miles from my Aunt’s house to my grandmother’s. More of a fun, giggling, stop-to-poke-an-aligator (no, seriously, my husband did that) kind of run, but I didn’t eat Thanksgiving pie so I think it counted. ;)

Other than that, I have run a couple of other times, but I’ve just been so SO busy with work and school. I am a full-time substitute teacher now (which is nice getting home while it is still daylight), and I graduate (BA English, Spanish minor)  drum roll please NEXT FRIDAY!!!! Funny, the thing that has me most excited is that I will finally have time to workout like I want to. Oh, I know my excuses are pitiful and, well, they’re excuses, but I do feel like exercise has been a necessary sacrifice in the face of graduating GPA.

After Friday, my life will consist of teaching, reading for fun (an ironic novelty for an English major), and killin’ it at the gym. Healthy, fit, TONED body, hello! Here I come :)


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