The Past Few Days

Days 170-174

Goodness, I can’t even remember what days I worked out. I will tell you this: it was not as much as it should have been. That said, I did run last night for about 15 minutes. I cannot tell you how glorious it is to have found my “running breath”. I finally understand all those people who say things like ‘running is when I do all my thinking’. Until now, I’ve been like ‘what are you talking about? Running is when I am pep-talking myself not to be a wimp and stop hyperventilating’. But I finally get it! Once you are in a running rhythm with your breathing, you can really switch on the autopilot and think or whatever. I may download some audiobooks and listen while I run. How about that; fitness and education rolled into one. This is almost as great as the day I realized I could curl my hair and study at the same time. ;)


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