Update for the WEEK

I won’t break down the days for you because, honestly, I don’t remember what happened. Out of the past six days, I have been to the “big” gym I think twice and the “little” (apartment) gym twice, and I have gone on two neighborhood runs. My eating has been predominantly healthy (minus an Oreo and movie night with my husband Sunday night) with a few snacks here and there.
I was busy Wednesday and forgot to post, but Thursday started a chain of events that have kept me busy all weekend. My lovingly annoying cat, Beowulf (“Wulf”), begin to show symptoms of a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) Thursday evening- a very serious illness that culminated in a call to the ER vet on Friday evening. Sadly, the toxins from the UTI had very quickly spread across his lungs, liver, and brain and the vet gave a grim prognosis should we proceed with surgery so we tearfully decided to put him to sleep. Poor guy. I miss his head-bumps. That nasty event has really put a damper on my workouts and blogging. This week I pushed “RESTART” and began with Monday- Rest day. Today is Tuesday Day 155- September 10th and the prep-for-5k plan says a “light run- 10 minutes” which I will do this evening.


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