Day 141

The gym was full this morning. In the midst of a sea of blue running shorts and gray, logoed t-shirts, my black and neon felt out of place. The military squadron that accompanied me on the running track was….intimidating to say the least. Due to the lovely Autumnish weather this morning, my friend and I moved our 6:15 AM run outside this morning. I say “run”: read jog/walk/jog/walk 1 mile. It was progress though because (drum roll please) : my ankles don’t hurt!! A fact I was so thrilled about that I took a second run this evening. The second one, also in beautiful (this time evening) weather was just around the neighborhood, but it felt good. Maybe, maybe 1/2 a mile.

A new dish I love (new to me at least): broccoli , roasted with olive oil and seasoned with garlic, salt, and pepper. I had made it before in the oven and it took over 15 minutes to cook. However, this week I found out I can make the same dish in the microwave in under 1 minute– win!

I am trying to find a good protein powder. I need something that will nourish my body, that I can put into smoothies etc, and that won’t make me retain water or add unnecessary calories. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Happy Tuesday my loves.


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