Days 131 & 132

August 17th

One of my girl friends got married today! (Congrats Kristen!!) It was such an awesome wedding- my favorite since, well, ever. And the cake was delicious, absolutely delicious. This is my weekend of carefree eating and vacation living. Wedding? Check. :) On to New Orleans!

August 18th

Our Lunchtime View

My wonderful husband proposed (and then scheduled) a spontaneous day and a half long trip to New Orleans, LA. I have been before, but it has been over a year and I only ever hit the highlights. The highlights of this trip were not all your average touristy things. We did not go to the Café du Monde, but instead tried…well, everything. We ate our way through that city like a Cajun PacMan. It was fabulous.
We ate lunch at Café Pontalba in Jackson Square. Street Jazz performers serenaded us from in front of the Cathedral.  I tried gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans & rice (and some of the hubby’s sausage Poboy). It was all spicy, but yummy. Hey, when in New Orleans….

Later we stopped by Antoine’s café and had coffee and split a cheese Danish and an éclair (couldn’t decide what we wanted. We liked the Danish…so we bought a second). Yes, yes, we were gluttons, BUT we (1) walked all day so that has to count for something and (2) y’all, if you don’t eat in New Orleans— why are you even there? Cafe!

Fabulous Weekend! Now, back to healthy foods!

P.S. When we got home Sunday night, I went for a run ;)


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